Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Secret Ingredient

Okay, I've debated whether or not to tell on myself...this is embarrassing and completely disqualifies me as any sort of cook or recommender of recipes. But here it goes...
While I was staying at Melinda's a few weeks ago, she made us a batch of curry chicken salad. I was inspired and wanted to create my own version a few weeks ago. I walked to Whole Foods, bought my curry, added a few of my own ingredients (water chestnuts, cucumber, and golden raisins) and mixed it all up. We ate the whole batch...on crackers, on pitas, all of it - gone. I briefly questioned why mine wasn't quite as yellow as Melinda's, but "oh well!" I said, and kept stuffing my face proudly.
It wasn't until a good week after the last bite had been eaten that I glanced in the pantry and saw "cumin" written on the side of my little organic spice jar. WHAT!? What is wrong with me!? I swear that said "curry" in the store. Just like "cumin" has a tendency to look like "cinnamon"...remember this? I will be storing my cumin in a lock box with some sort of safe-guard check-out system from now on.
Here it is, in all it's cuminified glory:

I'm going to make up a batch, for real, with actual curry, and let you know how it is. Here's the ingredients if you want to give it a go yourself. Just read labels carefully!

1 1/2 cups chicken
soy and lemon (equal parts)
itty bitty bit salt and pepper
golden raisins
equal part water chestnuts and cucumber
pecans, walnuts or cashews - if desired

1 comment:

Katie said...

Delicious either way.

I feared you were about to admit that your secret was food coloring. "It wasn't as yellow as I expected ... so ... yellowed it up a bit with the ol' stand-by. Food coloring: making food look 'right' for a hundred years."

I tend to grab cinnamon when I'm reaching for cumin. So my Mexican dishes sometimes have a serious Middle Eastern flair.

On a sidenote, love, love, love that Albie is living in the fireplace.

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