Sunday, July 18, 2010

Budding Little Artist

For my husband's birthday last month, Judah made him a giant masterpiece of a painting. I supplied the background wash, and he did the rest.

While he was working I couldn't resist painting a little something myself. So we did a flower for Ruthie's room. Yep, that's her name! Offically "Corrie Ruth Alvaro." But Judah is quick to correct you if you call her anything other than "Ruthie".
Judah helped me with the flower - splatting some red on there that I then arranged to somewhat resemble a bloom. He is already such a sweet big brother. I'm not sure who's more anxious for her arrival, us or him! Let's hope the excitement doesn't fade once we bring her home and he realizes she can't go back. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shop News & A DIY Project...

Wow. Long time, no post, huh? Over a month! I think this is the longest I've been blog-free, and I've got to admit, I didn't miss it. It's nice to take a break every now and again. I'm about to do the same in the shop, but not with out a HUGE STORE-WIDE SALE first! More details to follow, but just know that I will be putting everything on sale in the next few weeks before I switch the shop to "Maternity Leave Mode". So be on the lookout for that.
Also, remember this fabric wrapping project? In my leave of absence I completely forgot that there was another little side project that went along with it. I made a few bracelets that day too (using the same process). These took maybe 3 minutes each, tops. So easy, and I'm pretty sure the bangles themselves were originally those scarf-holder-ring-thingies that you get when you buy a new scarf. So there you go. Essentially a free project, or a reason to go out and buy few new scarves.
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