Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lace Ruffle Hair Combs: A Tutorial

These pretty little combs are super easy to make. I originally bought the wire combs for making myself a few floral ones, since I do so love a flower in my hair but can't always count on there being a real one around. But once I'd made a few of those, my big stash of lace was calling out. So what came of it? Two-toned ruffly lace fan-looking girly hair combs. And since I know you are just sitting at home wondering how to make that exact thing, I have step-by-step instructions for you right here.

What you need:
- some sort of metal or plastic hair combs, I bought my metal ones here
- wire snippers, and pliers
- craft wire
- lace ribbon/hem tape (at the fabric store by the bias tape/seam binding)

What you do:
(click photo to see larger)
1. Cut two different colors of lace (preferably analogous) about 18" long
2. With them lined up together, take a piece of wire (about 8-9") and weave it in and out all along one edge of both pieces of lace. Don't worry about being exactly the same distance apart...loosey-goosey here people. Tip: turn your ribbons under twice at each end so they don't poke out when you're all done.
3. Once you've made it through the ribbon, gather it all up and cinch it off at the bottom, twisting your wire a few times to keep it bunched up.
4. Place your ruffle on the comb and hold in place while you take each side of the wire and "sew" it to your comb. Go around the comb several times, then gently through the lace a few times as well to secure it.
5. When you feel that your ruffle is secure, snip the loose wires off and tuck them under somewhere along the comb.
6. Put 'em in your do! You're done!
*white/cream would be lovely for a wedding!
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