Friday, October 25, 2013

This blog has moved!...

Hey Y'all!

I've moved... just a few blocks down the internet over HERE.
I have new goodies in the shop, new stories to tell, time for a fresh new place to do it. And I do mean fresh. So clean and tidy over there.
Come check it out!

A few links for the interested:
My Shop

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Going, going...

These have been my best sellers of all time, and one of my personal favorites. I wear mine nearly every day! For the last year and half they would sell out the minute I listed them - an anomaly for my shop full of one (or few) of a kind creations.
Sadly, my supply has all run dry. Here is my last pair, ready for the taking. They need a good home!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Handmade Holiday

For a few years now we've been making all (or most) of the Christmas gifts we give. This can be tricky for few reasons. For one, it's hectic and busy and by December 25th I feel like a ragged little elf who desperately needs a nap and a pedicure (hint hint Santa!).
The other drawback is that after doing it for a few years, I run out of things to make! One can only give a purse or pair of earrings so many times.
But all in all, I really love doing it this way. The whole family works all season long for a handmade holiday - even the littlest hands can help out!

This year, I decided to paint these signs for teacher gifts:

And this one for my husband's office (always read the fine print):

Judah even made one for Ruthie: 

Some handmade goods from Christmas past:
 ornaments here, here, and here

Happy Handmade Holidays! 

Friday, November 30, 2012


We are ready ready ready for Christmas. Super ready. Couldn't be more ready. Not so much for the  Christmas day present hoopla thing - although that will be fun. But we are counting down until we pack our bags, load up the car and make our way through the mountains to family! FAMILY! We miss them all so much! And we get to spend time with both sides this year and we can hardly wait. 

We needed something to help us count down to the big day. Advent calendars are fun and all, but to be honest the thought of stuffing one with trinkets for each kid (meaning 50 trinkets!) sounded like a bit much. Plus, we aren't counting down to Christmas morn, we just need a countdown to ROAD TRIP 2012. So I made this. We tear a number off each morning. 

You could do the same for Advent or Christmas morning for sure. Especially if you want to bypass treasure hunting for the traditional Advent calendars. 

It's a small thing to do, but helps us pass each day. It'll be here before we know it! Now the trick is to enjoy days 23-1. 

Be Merry & Bright!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Listing - Night Sky Earrings

I have a friend, a really really cool friend (you know the type) who always has a rad mixture of earrings on. Try as I may, I can't ever seem to mix my up just right to accomplish that effortless asymmetrical balance. For those of us with that problem (using the term "problem" ever so lightly here) my latest listing could offer a solution.

Vintage charms...perfect asymmetry...that little moon man smiling atcha... what more could a gal ask for? :)

Click HERE for details on the Night Sky Earrings

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Listing - The Bar Necklace

This went up today in The Shop - first one in forever! I kinda really like it a lot. And I kinda really like being back in the swing of things. :)

Click HERE for more details on The Bar Necklace

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kid Craft - Necklaces

As with almost every craft I make, this one certainly has "easy" in the description. It's not new or clever, and doesn't require any skill from the adult (except patience), but it's one of our favorites. We have quite a collection!
All you need is string (cord, hemp, yarn, ribbon...anything you have on hand) and some fun beads. Ruthie is my, um, spirited child. So I used the ol' highchair to keep her in one spot and contain some of the chaos, or else I would be finding beads around the house from now until the end of time.
She wears hers everywhere - her "gussets"she calls them - and rakes in the compliments. :)
(the boy loves them too. we save the black white and navy beads for him)

Go make some! (they would make sweet Christmas and teacher gifts!)
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