Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fancy Feet

Aren't these adorable? Sadly, they do not belong to me. I wore them once - for inspiration. But their owner is none other than the ever stylish, super-duper creative Anne Lord, of Anne Lord Photography. I was able to spend some short, but lovely time with her this weekend and hand off these shoes (a job I was unsuccessful at - forgetting them twice). She shipped them my way a few weeks ago with a request to cover a little spill that was blotching up the leather. I started off looking for vintage clips or brooches, but nothing worked. After a little pep-talk from Anne, this is what I came up with. Cream felt, oatmeal floral cotton and vintage linen make the sweetest little blossom.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day

A few days ago (before the pollen set in) Judah and I had a lovely date at the park. It was perfect...the warm breeze, a train passing by, sunshine, grass, flowers...
Judah brought horsey, I brought the latest edition of Real Simple - which, as it turns out is one of his favorites as well. The bright crisp photos of everyday objects are perfect - better than a Baby Einstein (for my participation anyways).

A few snapshots from our sweet afternoon...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blue Belle Flower Wrap

The ever frilly Blue Belle Flower Wrap will make any outfit feel fancy and festive. I'm serious - try it with sweatpants. And I'm really into this corsage thing - just like prom, only no crusty leaves and awkward slow dancing.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Jessie Mae Necklace

Made from an embroidered vintage handkerchief.
(Click here for more)

This necklace is named after my Grandmommy Sosebee who, from what I hear, was never without a hankie. I knew her all too briefly, but her memory carries on with every tale my family tells. Like the time she payed for the new family car (in cash!) with the savings from her grocery allowance . Or all the itty bitty left overs and soup can labels she saved for decades. I think of her when I put on face cream at night, knowing that she used it religiously and had the young skin to prove it's magical abilities to turn back the clock.
Here she is holding my Papa, circa 1934

I asked my mom if there were any other sweet stories I should know and received a 1126 word essay in response! :)

My mother's words:
"...we drove down every Sunday after church and lunch at Melear's [the local BBQ joint] to visit for the afternoon. When we got there, Grandmommy ALWAYS came to meet us with a box of either peppermint patties or cream drops..."

"She kept a cardboard box in her linen closet floor that was just for keeping things for us to play with...old vacuum attachments, "necklaces" she had made from a shoe string that she strung through dish liquid bottle tops or
wooden spools, and just various other discards that might interest us."

"I also remember when I was taking piano... she wanted to hear me play a song. I played a very elementary version (one note for each hand) of Oh,
Holy Night (with plenty of mistakes) and she sat there with her eyes closed as if she could hear angels singing. She told me it was her favorite Christmas carol....she loved us all so very much."

"Papa and Nana (and some others in the family) have often said I remind them more of Jessie Mae Hudson Sosebee than any of the grand kids...absolutely the best compliment I think I could ever have!"
This necklace is a reminder to keep telling the stories that shape our memories. We all have a "Grandmommy Sosebee." We all have our own stories to tell.

The New Poppytalk Market

The new Poppytalk Market is up and running, and I am thrilled to be back for a second round. This time it's a Mother's Day and Kids Market. Click here to visit my table.
✽Keep your eyes open for some nostalgic lovelies coming soon!

While you're there, don't miss fellow Etsian Mary's Granddaughter, maker of charming little oddities. She will be an Etsy superstar before you can say "I need an embroidered French bulldog!" Stop by her table and show some love.

Happy Day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Latest Treasuries:

Blue & Green Funsies
Roy G. Biv

Come by and say hello before they vanish into thin air...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hanes Her Way

This isn't the first time I've given a pair of perfectly good shorts a ruffle makeover.
Remember these?

I stole these from my hubby, added the eyelet trim and little red bow (to ensure that he would never want them back) and voila! New bloomers.

I am quite fond of them. John Jay, however, says that they give me diaper butt - a style I hope he eventually grows fond of, because they are quickly becoming my new favorite pj's.



Always remember: anything + a ruffle = awesome.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sundry Wrap No. 3

sun•dry (sən-drē )
of various kinds; several

The latest wrap in the Sundry series is in!
Click here for more info.

A very special thanks to Judah for taking an extra long nap so I could finish this one!
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