Monday, January 30, 2012

SUPER Easy Valentines Day Garland DIY

While the boy worked on homemade Valentines for his classmates, I busied myself with this super easy, super cute heart garland. It's really rather simple. All you need...

❤ pink and red paper
❤ scissors
❤ string/thread
❤ pretty washi tape, preferably pink and red

That's it. Cut, tape, and hang anywhere for instant Valentines sweetness. ❤

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hi there

I am not sure if the baby learned that greeting from me or not, but she says it to any and everyone..."hah dere...hah dere!" Such a sweet little lady. :)

Today is my long awaited work day. Here's the ambitious list I'll be chipping away at:

- pillows (as previously mentioned)
- a fun skirt for the baby (I've been holding on to some cute dinosaur fabric for years)
- a flower crown like this
- working on some shadow box ideas (this one would be perfect for the boy)
- if time allows, new jewelry for the shop (sorry shop, you're last on the list today)

Happy Work Day!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ru's First Gig

Little Ru-Baby made her Xenotees modeling debut today.
(Y'all remember the deal we have with Noelle?) She's been outfitting our family for a few years now, and Ruthie got to join in on the fun.
Here she is!
(she was being a stubborn little stinker in that second photo and wouldn't turn around for the camera!!!)

*Technically, it wasn't her first gig...see her here undercover.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I borrowed another camera (ours is still broken!) and I've been trying to cram as much work into nap time as I can before returning it. I just got through photographing a few things, including this sweet vintage charm necklace:

Cupid & Heart Necklace

My borrowed camera is infinitely better than the old one I am used to. It has spoiled me rotten and left me sorting through the penny jar to see how long it would take to save up for one of my own. I'm so grateful to have it for a few days, but going back to my dinosaur camera is going to be tough.

Here are a few I snapped of my own little Cupid during lunch today...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

DIYs of the Day

Now that holidays have come and gone, and Christmas has been successfully boxed up and crammed to the back of the garage, I'm itching to do a few DIY projects and spruce the place up. First on my list is new pillows for our couch. We need color around here and we can't paint(!) as sad. But in my search for quick easy pillow cover tutorials, I stumbled on a few other DIYs and had to share.

No. 1 - Pillow covers. Seems easy enough, right?

No. 2 - Animal Jars. A cute way to organize the kids craft supplies.

No. 3 - Twig Jewelry Display. I have waaay too much jewelry to put it all on one branch... maybe I just put out my favorites? Or else I'd need to make a forest.

Happy DIY-ing!
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