Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Handmade Holiday

For a few years now we've been making all (or most) of the Christmas gifts we give. This can be tricky for few reasons. For one, it's hectic and busy and by December 25th I feel like a ragged little elf who desperately needs a nap and a pedicure (hint hint Santa!).
The other drawback is that after doing it for a few years, I run out of things to make! One can only give a purse or pair of earrings so many times.
But all in all, I really love doing it this way. The whole family works all season long for a handmade holiday - even the littlest hands can help out!

This year, I decided to paint these signs for teacher gifts:

And this one for my husband's office (always read the fine print):

Judah even made one for Ruthie: 

Some handmade goods from Christmas past:
 ornaments here, here, and here

Happy Handmade Holidays! 
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