Thursday, January 27, 2011

Practice Quilt

I made my first quilt the other day! I was so ding-dang proud of myself. It's a mini little practice quilt, perfect for Ruthie to use as a play mat. I used some of her favorite prints to encourage staring and spur interest during the ever dreaded tummy time.
The next one is going to be awesome. I can't wait. But my machine needs a serious tune-up before I'll embark on that one. I'm so glad I figured that out on my practice quilt first....LOTS of seam ripping on this one. It was also good to go through the steps (thanks mom!) and problem shoot on scraps I had laying around the house before I messed up the real deal. I'd better get at it though, I now have requests from the boys for quilts of their own. :)
I used a soft turquoise toile print, an orange mod leaf print, and white pinstriped linen leftover from the crib bed skirt my mom made. It's backed with a vivid floral print - one of Ru's favorite burp cloth prints.
Here it is - from start to finish - in all it's tiny quilted glory!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flower Child

Is Ru too young to play dress up? ...I think not.
I got an inkling to try my hand at teeny tiny felt flowers the other day and started making this flower crown for Ruthie. It makes her look like a little fairy! Well, the wings help a little, huh?

I think I might need one too. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Night Sky

This is a super easy toddler craft. I remember making these when I was little. It's a good way to reuse old food containers one more time before recycling. All you need is an empty container of oats and a needle. You could dress up the outside of it if you wanted to, but I certainly didn't.

All you do...
1. Eat lots of oatmeal.
2. Wipe out container with damp paper towel.
3. Use a needle to jab a bunch of holes in the bottom (with no pattern and at various sizes)
4. Point your new creation at the light and gaze inside at the night sky!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Hello Friends!
Sorry for the long gap in posts. I've been distracted by Miss Funny Face:
But seriously, we have had a crazy upside down and inside out last month. I was super sick, which made Ruthie super mad, which made the rest of the family super unhappy and just altogether yucky. I'm so glad to be back among the living and enjoying life again.
The urge to create things finally came back a few days ago so I pulled out the fabric and dusted off my sewing machine. You could tell it had been a while since I'd gone through the craft closet - when I unfolded some felt a big dead spider fell on my lap...ICK!
Now that the cobwebs are cleared off (literally) I will be back to posting my latest creations, concoctions and funsie useless things. See you soon!
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