Sunday, June 29, 2008

john jay berry pie

My wife is letting me post on her blog for the first time and I could not be happier. That is not all the way true. If I were, say, eating Pizza Rolls whilst posting, then I could not be happier. Right now I am just shy of "could not be happier." Ah well, now I am really craving Pizza Rolls and still have not stated my business on a blog that is not my own. I have a project to share with you all. Actually, my assumption is that no one who visits Corrie's blog will be interested in my project, but that has never kept me from sharing.

The McIntire Family, saints that they are, donated a road bike to me. It was in great condition and needed no work but I still was in the mood for a project. So what did I do? I took and perfectly good bike, functionally and aesthetically, and tried to remake it. It started off a black color scheme and I wanted something more breezy. So I took it apart, painted the frame, applied new decals, re-wrapped the handlebars, and added some new components. I thought this would only take a week or so to complete. A month and a half later, and I am finally finished. Here it is, The McIntire, in all its pastel and leather glory.

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Unknown said...

This proves that you are indeed a strange bird, Alvaro! ...but I still love you!

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