Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sunglass Frill

I'm not a huge fan of sunglasses. They give me headaches, along with those little red spots on my nose when I take them off. And inevitably, someone (usually my husband) says "Hey Hollywood" every time I wear them. Yuck.
But I have been changing my ways lately to accommodate our increasingly outdoorsy life style. Let's see, there's my morning dousing with SPF 50, as well as my recent chunky boyish shoedle purchase. (shoe•dle: a tennis shoe/sandal hybrid) Oh yeah, and our stylin' fanny pack. I'm not joking. It's actually John Jay's, but I get to use it when he feels like sharing.
I'm still on a hunt for some unassuming sunglasses with UV protection that aren't more than $10 dollars. That's a lot of qualifiers, I know...picky picky.
These sunglasses don't meet a single one of those descriptions. I found them in my swim bag from last summer and spruced them up a bit. No more function than before, just fancier.



1 comment:

Sunglasses Guy said...

Nice job with the shades. The look much better.

If you are getting headaches from sunglasses, it's probably because you are wearing cheap stuff. If they have bad optics it can confuse your brain, sounds weird, I know, but it's true.

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