Saturday, June 21, 2008


Angry Chicken reminded me that I've been meaning to dye a big batch of clothes. We have more than our share of things that should be white. I would like to blame it all on the husband, but apparently sunscreen yellows things, so I'm equally responsible for the beige clothes in our house. Mom helped me with this when she was in town - dye is another thing that scares me (patterns, light bulbs, canned biscuits...and dye).
The bottle said “Scarlet Red.” I think they misspelled “Juicy Watermelon.” I love the color it turned out, but I wish I would’ve known. I did a onesie for Judah with old-school tie-dye stripes across it and matching pants that I’m sad to give away. Although John Jay would love to start an argument about how it’s greedy for girls to claim pink all for themselves, I’m not going to use our already too pretty one year old boy to prove that point. John Jay can protest on his own while sporting his watermelon v-neck I made him.
Other than the onesie I’m grieving the loss of, my favorite is the sundress I’ve already worn three times since doing this about a week ago. It has rubber band circles too.
John Jay has requested more v-necks. They are his latest discovery… “They don’t choke you!” Something veteran v-neck wearers have known for years. This might roll over into winter with the v-neck sweater. I anticipate this new look will still be paired with capris and Tevas.
That’s right, it deserves that second “t”.

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