Monday, October 19, 2009

JUST LISTED: Sundry Necklace

sun•dry (sən-drē )
of various kinds; severalThe Sundry Necklace is my favorite design as of late. It is so versatile (and comfortable!) and gives you that rad layered look without all the tangles.
Made from a mix of (mostly vintage) metal chains, these have been grouped together and secured to a soft turquoise woven ribbon tie.
You can seriously wear this with ANYTHING. ;)


S and O said...

that very elegant!!!

♥I gave you an award for your blog♥


Dara M. said...

I LOVE that necklace.its my favorite! where do you get all of your vintage chains for your jewelry? OH and love the new clutch! those are my fav. types of purses and I had been eying that fabric from ikea for a while, so I'm glad you got it and made things with it. It makes me feel better for not getting it! :)

Corrie said...

Thank you, thank you!

Most of my chains I collect over time from vintage shops...or friends and family snag them for me! (Thanks Mom and Jenny!)

Unknown said...

that necklace is lovely and you look like a model you are just beautiful.

Peggy Sage said...

What lovely finds! I adore the women.. I keep thinking that they remind me of Wren (Clarice's heroine) somehow...Elegant and charming... :P

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