Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bags Part 5: The Test Clutch

...the final bag in the series.

In addition to being my favorite of all the bags, this was also a test run for a birthday gift.
Jenny's bag had a little cursive "J" patch on it, and a way better loop-handle-thingy. See the embellishment on my handle? You might be thinking, "Oh that Corrie, she's just so creative, adding that little star and lace there." Or maybe it's more like, "Ew, that Corrie, she's always adding stuff like that star and lace and never knows when to leave well enough alone."
Well, that little addition is actually a cover job for some violent thread snipping that went awry. I was so annoyed turning that dang handle inside out that when I went to (frustratingly) cut the loose threads, I snipped right through the fabric, leaving a gaping hole. I wasn't about to spend another 20 minutes turning another handle inside out, so I patched it up right nice with some white cotton lace and a vintage star button.

I would say, "and no one will ever know!"
...but now you do.


Anonymous said... much like always says, "you don't have to tell everything!" =) mom

HI5 said...

Oh how fun! you've gotten such pretty things! Im collecting doilies now. I think they look so pretty framed in embroidery hoops on the wall, and want to make some bunting out of them too! Ah, fun with doilies ;)

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