Friday, October 9, 2009

Bags: Part 1 (of 5!)

Okay, so I went a little bag crazy... I just started sewing and before I knew it, I had FIVE NEW BAGS! But for good reason...I wanted to replace the grimy old diaper bag I've been lugging around for over two years (never washed it once - ew!).
Finally, FINALLY, I did it. Ta Da!

Bag No
. 1: Mama Bag
This may look like your average over-the-shoulder bag, but I had picky list of requirements for this thing.
1. I want it "sling pack" style, able to carry it across the chest, but didn't want it to hang any lower than the small of my back.
2. The strap needs to be W I D E in order to distribute the weight evenly over my shoulder bones, which are currently recovering from the diaper bag's mean
ol' skinny strap.
3. The inside pockets must neatly accommodate my necessities: Burt's Bees, lip gloss, note pad, pen and phone.
4. It has to look awesome, in a
not-trying-too-hard-to-look-awesome sort of way. Not too much to ask of a bag, eh?
5. It must must must be washable. I promise I'll wash this one...well, I'll try.

*The fabric is a heavy canvas I picked up from IKEA in ATL this summer, lined with a salmony-coral solid from my local fabric store.

Well, Mama Bag has been designed, sewn, photographed and blogged...Baby Bags to follow.
Stay Tuned!


Meg said...

ooooohhhhh....LLOOOOOVVVEEEE IT....perfect for all my little Ethiopian babes stuff : )

Nicolita Love said...

Love this bag. I have no need of a diaper bag, but I would totally carry this.

I was wowed by this fabric choice, it looks fantastic (totally in the not trying too hard kind of way), and wondered where you got it...when you said Ikea, I realized I have seen this before! Never thought to use their fabric for anything but home stuff. Now I'm going to Ikea this weekend for sure.

Love the bags, and I can totally relate to starting a new project and not being able to stop :)

Love your shop!

LifestyleBohemia said...

LOVE the style and pattern choices. You're so talented. I hope you'll be adding these to your shop at some point?!
Have a great weekend!

Faith said...

Very sweet!

三杯雞Sam said...

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