Wednesday, February 20, 2008

She Told Me So

I have teased my mother-in-law several times in the past for ironing her sheets. What a waste of time! Especially to someone like me who doesn't even iron their clothes. Well, today I was putting my fresh clean sheets on the bed and the top edge was driving me crazy! It looked like an accordion laying up there by my pillow. I tried to straighten it by hand and mash it down. Didn't work. Then I remembered that I still had the iron set up from sewing. Oh! I'll just iron it real quick! As I smelled my fabric softener wafting up with the steam from the iron, I remembered what a hard time I gave her. I've been eating a steady diet of my own words lately.
Mrs. Gina: you were right. They are nice and crisp and lovely.

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