Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Mom Calls 'em Bloomies

In keeping with my "old made new" motif, I turned some old boxers into these adorable bloomers! (for pj purposes only, of course) I just added a thin strip of elastic to the bottom of the green ones, and ruffled the edge with a basting stitch (doubled) for the plaid ones. I prefer the elastic ones...stretch = comfort.

*my mom doesn't actually call these bloomies...I had to get my F•R•I•E•N•D•S quote in there somewhere!


Mom said...

Glad to see the footnote - thought I was REALLY forgetful and was really struggling to remember when I said that! HA!

AmberG said...


Your blog is sickeningly adorable. I swear you are a character straight out of a movie. You are too cute and creative to be real. But of course you are the offspring of Ginger-Gran-Gran! She is my American Idol! I love all your projects! I wish we were closer so we could do projects together! And if only you were sewing when Emily was a baby! You do inspire me! Keep it up!

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