Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anti-Valentine Meat Pies

If we celebrated Valentine's Day, these would have made for a festive dinner. As it is, these will make a regular ol' boring dinner a bit more charming.
My friend Candice gave me this idea with her spinach meat pies, only hers were folded over and "forked" like a little peach pie. I meant to do that, but realized half way through that I only had one frozen pie crust, not two. So I improvised with my cutie little heart tins that I have for such a time as this. They were sooooo good (and simple). A healthier spin would be to spread on wheat melba toast and toasted for about 10-12 minutes. We did both. I'm hungry.
1 package frozen pie crust
1 lb. ground beef or turkey, cooked
2ish cups fresh chopped spinach
1/2? jar marinara
about 1 cup mozzarella

Follow baking instructions on pie crust box. Mix all together, fill pie crusts, and top with more mozzarella. Put back in for about 20 minutes.

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