Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pillow Covers

Oops. I was browsing through my old photos and realized I never posted about these! They were on this DIY To Do List from a few months back.
I loosely followed this tutorial. It was one of the quickest and easiest sewing projects I've done...right after burp cloths. It would make a great project for any beginners out there.

I mixed stripes and prints from Ikea. I think that navy stripe is my favorite. I might make a few more of those one day. Given the simplicity of the project, it would be a breeze to make a stack of covers to change out seasonally or whenever your room needs a makeover.
Sorry there's no step-by-step photo. I must have made these when we were between borrowed cameras.

1 comment:

anne lord said...

The navy stripe is my favorite, too. Also jealous that you have ikea fabric at your disposal.

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