Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Birdies

A new family just moved in to our birdhouse. We watched the mom nest and nest for weeks and then one day we heard little squeaks coming from the birdhouse. Then finally, we saw them poking their itty-bitty heads out for a quick bite. The mom trusts us a tiny bit...but she won't keep her back to us for long when it's feeding time. I snapped a quick picture through the window tonight at dinner.

The kids check on those birds morning noon and night. Ruthie watches and waits patiently, yelling "WOOK! WOOK!" when the mama appears with a snack. She tells them "nigh-nigh" at bedtime sweet.

They're getting so big! I'll be sad to see them fly away. (the birds too)


Lora said...

so sweet! i know what you mean about the kiddos growing up so fast. and i LOVE that photo of the birdies - amazing!!

Braindumps said...

I liked it so much and very interesting, too! Thanks for sharing the experience post its wonderful. thanks

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