Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mama Tees!

Noelle of Xenotees has been keeping my family clothed for a while now with our little exchange of goods and services: we model our free awesome shirts, she gets photos for her shop.
Fortunately for my flourishing stupendous belly, she decided to carry Maternity shirts! They are actually super soft organic A-line tees, but fit a pregnant belly perfectly. I can't wait to wear them once this big belly is gone too! :)
She has 6 styles available right now:
• Eat Right Mama Tee (in Mulberry)
• Eat Right Mama Tee (in Ocean Blue)
• Animal Group Tee (in Moss Green)
• Animal Group Tee (in Earth Bark)
• Animal Group Tee (in Pumpkin)
• French Pet Lobster Tee (in Natural)

Thanks Noelle!!!


Ginger said...

Love the cute belly pics!

Faith said...

Those shirts look so super comfy! Your photos *almost* make me miss being pregnant :) You look great!

Leeya Engel said...

the blue shirt looks really lovely on you! What a great color!

Anne Lord said...

Happy to see your gorgeousness! Would it be wrong for a non-pregnant lady to buy one of these? The extra long length is just too perfect.. which I suppose is great for a maternity shirt, when all you wanna do is wear stretchy pants.

Corrie said...

thank you all!
ANNE: no way! i'm sure they'll be a fave long after she pops out! and i've moved away from the stretchy pants to only wanting to walk around in underoos...sad, huh?

. said...

corrie, i totally spotted one of these photos in a treasury I was recently included in and did a double-take. I was like, "Wait a second.... that's not Corrie is it?!" Can't believe you're due so soon, congrats!

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