Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I hope this girl can burp like her Mama, because I kind of went a little crazy with the burp cloths. I just had too much cute fabric, and they are so easy to make!
I used a burp cloth/bib set from Judah's baby days as inspiration. The long narrow shape (approx. 19" x 7"ish) keeps them up on your shoulder so easily.
These are all backed with terry cloth. Some came from the fabric store, others were just cheapo towels. My favorite is the blue/lavender number with the little vintage applique and heart! So sweet!...perfect for spit up. ;)

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ANNE LORD said...

So pretty! I love them all. You have such a talent for mixing patterns and texture.

Melanie Jade said...

How beautiful! I've filed this away in my brain for when I have children. I only just found your blog (a relative forwarded it to me), and I am having a wonderful time reading your posts and seeing your projects. Congratulations on your new beautiful baby girl! She is darling!

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