Saturday, March 14, 2009

Apartment, Sweet Apartment

I promise, promise, promise, that the next post I do will be about the big news, which at this point is going to be seriously anticlimactic. But apparently life is full of good news to share - we found an apartment!...and I love it! This is no small feat. My list of "must haves" was pretty big for our humble circumstances. But thankfully, as always, we are provided for. (thanks)

A list of the new apartment's wonderfulness:

• I think I have June Cleaver's oven - in mint condition.
• Washer and dryer!!!!!!! We are currently paying $1 a load to carry laundry downstairs (in rain, wind and snow) to the dark creepy washer behind our house.
• The front porch has a swing.
• Daffodils in the front yard, and a huge Camilla bush by my back door.
• It's on the first floor - no more carrying kid, groceries, bags, etc up the stairs!
• TONS of closets - more than I've ever seen in one house. We might make one a little study nook for John Jay. (I'm not joking)
• It's only four houses down from us! We can stay in our lovely neighborhood and carry our stuff down the street come moving day!
• The bathroom tile is that fantastic retro powder pink. I'm not sure how thrilled John Jay is about this one.

Can you tell how excited I am?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love keeping up with your family! And I'm really happy you guys are getting some cool amenities. It's amazing how those kind of things make every day run more smoothly. I am always impressed with what you guys are up to!

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