Monday, March 16, 2009

The Big News...

I know some of you were on pins and needles - losing sleep at night - waiting to hear my big ol' fat news. Wait no more.
I am a featured artist in Poppytalk Handmade's Green Pop Market!

Check them out:
BLOG: Poppytalk
MARKET: Poppytalk Handmade
ARTIST BLOG : The Handmade Artist (I will be guest blogging here from time to time)

(Click here to go directly to my table)


Len said...

Corrie, I am proud of you! You are so talented. Keep creating.

Miss you guys.

anne lord said...

hahaha, I already knew that!!

So funny. I never made the connection that you hadn't shared that with everyone. I was so excited for you with that, but I didn't think I had special "in the know" privileges. Score!

Congrats, Corrie! You are making the world a much more aesthetically pleasing place!

Shelby said...

Congrats! Very exciting.

So I stumbled across your etsy shop today when you "hearted mine" (does that even make sense?) and your etsy shop led me here. Anyway, you have the most darling stuff I couldn't not share - so I put together a little post on my blog. I hope you like it ;)

Rebecca D. Dillon said...

Congrats! How fun!

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