Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Etsy Store Sneak Peek:

Here are a few things for the store. I'm in crazy sewing mode right now, but this batch might be sold before I ever get to put them in the store. (Not a bad problem to have, I suppose!)

Lovely things you'll be able buy:
•Asymmetrical string necklaces
•Wrist-strap key chains
...stay tuned for more!


Anonymous said...

love the wrist strap key chains. i think i need to get my husband one of the baby-waist-leash key chain things before february. even though ethan won't be walking for quite some time, i'm still scared he'll misplace him.

ps. my first sewing project for ethan: your "you are here" onesie. i send everyone who asks to your blog :)

Sarah said...

i'd love to buy one of the wrist strap key chains with the heart jump ring...how do we make this happen??

Corrie said...

thanks! layla: you crack me up...and i know the feeling.
sarah: i don't have all the etsy stuff set up yet, but i've got a "rainbow bright" keychain (the one with the heart) with your name on it! i'll let you know once everything's up and running.
thanks thanks thanks!

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