Sunday, July 27, 2008

Project #4: Sling Pack/Diaper Bag

The first goal of this bag was to not waste the pant-leg from Project #3. The second goal was to give me something less bulky that I could fit a diaper or two and a wallet in for when Judah and I are boppin' around. That diaper bag is huge!
I love the clever little corner folding. I copied that from Hannah Rose's piano bag...never would've thought of that. And the green/blue striped flower circles are still leftovers from Anne. (Thanks again)
Reuse!!! Reuse!!! Reuse!!!


Anonymous said...

your life is so beautiful! i love your projects.. you're quite the talented jill of all trades. you even made a supercute baby. high five!

by the way, i found you via siri's mommy via kellymoore linking to "the adventures of posey and siriana" many moons ago. i promise i'm not a creepy mccreepster blog loiterer :)

Unknown said...

glad you're still using your, err, "anne leftovers".. i have more fabrics to give, but i feel mean loading you up when you know, you're trying to unload things and actually move.

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