Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Has It Been That Long?!

I know, I know. It's been waaaay to long. (six months to be exact!) I thought about giving a million reasons (excuses) why I haven't written, or slathering pictures of my kids up here from the last few months to fill in the gaps, or doing a huge catch-you-up post...but I fear if I don't just jump right back into the wonderful world of blogging then I never will.

So, the abbreviated highlight reel of the last 6 months:
- Summer happened. Texas be crazy (family modo)
- We road-tripped to family, gained a perfect new nephew, and drove all the way back to Texas just to miss them all terribly. (thank goodness for FaceTime)
- I took a massive break from my Etsy Shop - playing with the kiddos before the school year began trumped many things. They're getting too old too fast. I didn't want to miss any of it.
- My son turned 5, started kindergarten, learned to read and write, and is just so stinkin' sweet.
- My daughter turned 2, gave up pacifiers, loves to swing and "party" and is ridiculously cool.
- My husband is a working machine. But since he's a minister we get to be at "work" with him a lot, and he rarely misses out on family fun time. He's a perfect teammate...we're pretty fond of him.
- I got a job here and didn't take it, started volunteering with some super fun teenagers, joined two book clubs (LOVED this book), and knocked out both seasons of Downton.
All in is pretty sweet.

Ok, now you're pretty much caught up. And I promise to be back with some fun crafts, gift ideas, fun findings, shop news, etc, etc.

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