Monday, December 19, 2011

Just in time for Christmas

This was one of the first (and last!) "Christmasy" pictures I took before our camera broke. BROKE! Can you believe the timing? I love that all I could muster for the holiday season was a screaming baby and some matching pj's.

While the hubs tries to fix the camera himself with tiny chips and boards and fuses and whatnot, I am trying to figure out creative ways to keep up with out a camera! Well, that's kind of a lie. I am secretly thrilled with the break it gave me from Etsy work, but especially from documenting family life.
We keep a little blog for friends and family of the kiddos - which I love doing - but during a time when events and busyness can overtake a little family, it can be just one more thing to do.
At first I felt odd and unprepared when we headed to two different Christmas sing-a-long/pageants for the four year old with out my camera. Then there's decorating, Christmas crafts and outings, dressing up on Sunday, Christmas parties...etc. I have been forced to enjoy them all first-hand, with my own eyes, relying on my own memory and I am loving it. Not to mention the time I've saved not uploading, editing and blogging every move the kids make.
It won't be forever, but my forced technology fast has been a welcomed change.

As for The Shop, thankfully I am like a little squirrel stashing acorns away for winter - I already had a slew of new things made, photographed and ready to no long breaks for me there. New goods on the way this week!


Greta said...

hello there!
your creations are beautiful, as always!
have a lovely Christmas!

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