Monday, October 31, 2011

The Lunch Bag Costume

My four year old has never really been into Halloween. This year I told him all of his friends would be dressed up, but that didn't phase him, he still didn't want to dress up ...until about five days ago when he declared that he would be a lunch bag for Halloween. A lunch bag.
We still don't know where he got the idea, but when the girls in his class approved with laughter, he stuck to his guns and helped me sketch a "design" for what we would make. He insisted it have a zipper, and I insisted that it say "LUNCH" on it, since he would otherwise look like a zippered pillowcase. (He selected the apple print fabric from my stash since he likes apples in his lunch, of course.)
So here you have it: The Lunch Bag CostumeHappy Halloween!!!


Anonymous said...

he is SO adorable!! and that is such a cute costume idea!


Unknown said...

what a cute little guy! the costume is great :)

Anonymous said...
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