Monday, September 19, 2011

Guess What!

After much deliberation, hesitation, contemplation, and consideration (have I used enough synonyms?)... I have decided to reopen my Etsy shop: Corrieberry Pie in the coming weeks!
So, right now, my work space looks like this:I've made enough spiffy jewelry to make Mr. T proud, now I just need to photograph it all, list it, and get reacquainted with the Etsy world. Simple enough, right?
Any words of wisdom from my longtime Etsy friends (who didn't take a year long sabbatical!) would be much appreciated. It seems like a whole new world this go round - a little daunting, but I'm ready to dive in.
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1 comment:

Leeya Engel said...

Note that they changed the way that searches are performed on etsy! This has changed the way that I tag and title my items.

Good luck reopening shop!

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