Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flower Doodles

The first one is a line drawing of dandelions my husband gave me a few months ago. Dandelions are fine, but are by no means the prettiest flower out there. They do, however, rank pretty high on my list of favorites because they always signal that warm spring weather is near - a sentiment that seems foolish now that it's in the mid 90's and the "southern hug" of humidity has tightened its grip.

The second one is of a bouquet from the table at my favorite cafe. It was the perfect day. Me, a stack of books and my iPod had a quiet morning while my sweet husband watched the kids for a few hours. I ate a giant slice of cake for breakfast and didn't have to explain to anyone under the age of four why that was okay for grown-ups to do. :)
The flowers were sketched on the back of a bookmark, and I used some hot sauce and coffee to add a little bit of color.

1 comment:

kendal croix. said...

the daffodils are lovely.

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