Thursday, January 27, 2011

Practice Quilt

I made my first quilt the other day! I was so ding-dang proud of myself. It's a mini little practice quilt, perfect for Ruthie to use as a play mat. I used some of her favorite prints to encourage staring and spur interest during the ever dreaded tummy time.
The next one is going to be awesome. I can't wait. But my machine needs a serious tune-up before I'll embark on that one. I'm so glad I figured that out on my practice quilt first....LOTS of seam ripping on this one. It was also good to go through the steps (thanks mom!) and problem shoot on scraps I had laying around the house before I messed up the real deal. I'd better get at it though, I now have requests from the boys for quilts of their own. :)
I used a soft turquoise toile print, an orange mod leaf print, and white pinstriped linen leftover from the crib bed skirt my mom made. It's backed with a vivid floral print - one of Ru's favorite burp cloth prints.
Here it is - from start to finish - in all it's tiny quilted glory!


Laura Beech said...

Corrie-so awesome. I've started quilting myself and am having fun! Your first one is so cute. Plus your binding is awesome! Did you do it by hand or by machine? I am so impressed. That was one of my issues on my first quilt. I am working on a really cool one where I get new directions every week from a different blog. If you want to check it out I started my own blog : So fun to follow fellow crafters and get new ideas. I've had fun following you and I have actually been doing my own sewing instead of just reading other people's crafts :)


Kirby said...

Beautiful and inspiring!

ElisabethCS said...

Beautiful! Ever since your burp cloth post I have been wanting to make some of those for my Gibson and other new mom friends.But I never seem to find the time to thrift for some pretty fabric.

Love your quilt! I made a couple when I was pregnant with my second son. Yeah, not even gonna pretend I have the time these days.

Dara M. said...

super cute. what did you use for the edges? is it a certain kind of fabric that you are supposed to use?

Corrie said...

thank you all!
dara: i used the extra wide double fold bias tape (found at any fabric store). but i think you can make your own if you want a print or certain color.

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