Friday, March 26, 2010

Love Notes For Life

My husband is a night owl. I myself love love love the early morning hours. This works out swimmingly for our computer work. He tucks me in for the night at a grandmotherly hour of 9:30 or 10:00...and then starts his papers, studying, reading, etc. He also started a lovely habit of leaving me a little post-it note under the keyboard. It's the first thing I see in the morning when I stumble in here with my coffee to start the day. I stick them to my planner, and when the pile gets too big, I bundle them up and stash them in an *old cigar box.
Last week, we ran out of post-its. So he wrote on my Facebook wall something like, "In lieu of the post-it note shortage, I'm writing your note here..."
My sweet Aunt Becky saw it and came to the rescue. Because her basement is full of anything you can imagine, and also because Aunt Becky has always done anything to make her kids/nieces/nephews happy, she shipped me a lifetime supply of post-its! I'm not sure how committed John Jay was to this little love note ritual of ours, but our new stockpile pretty much locks him in for the next decade or so! :)
*also given to me by Aunt Becky!


Jenny M. said...

The whole situation is precious as is your sweet family. All of God's blessings for you, John Jay and Judah.

Unknown said...

so sweet! you are so blessed!

hello gorgeous said...

hello gorgeous! I LOVE this blog's SO romantic!

Keep it up.....the kids will LOVE it when they are all grown up and rummaging through the attic for memories of their family :o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Mamta J Shah said...

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