Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Medallion Necklace

My Nana has been sweet enough to keep me supplied with boxes and bags of her old jewelry to pilfer through, keep, remake, sell, etc. A few months ago she sent me an entire jar filled with buttons that belonged to my Grandmommy (her mother-in-law). I remember eying that thing when I was a little girl! What a treat to have that on my work desk now. Sometimes I'll just get them out and rummage through, picking out my favorites, imagining the sweater she wore them on. And now in their second (or perhaps third or fourth) life they add the perfect touch to purses, jewelry, and brooches. Santa might use them in gifts this year! ✻wink wink✻
While I was sifting through my new jar of memories, a group of mixed golds and textured black buttons stood out to me and became the inspiration for my latest necklace: The Medallion Necklace. I'm so thrilled to share these little gems with you all!

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Danny W said...

Interesting thoughts I really enjoyed your blog

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