Thursday, May 15, 2008

Breezy PJ's

I needed some summer pj's that were lightweight and non-ugly. I realize that "need" is a strong word here. But in my defense, there are plenty of days that I don't change into real clothes and if my jammies are this cute, I can justify it.
I am particularly proud of these because I made them from scratch!!! No pattern. Okay, enough fronting...I'm scared of patterns. They make me nervous. I measured and eye-balled a similar pair of pre-existing pj's as a guide. Next go 'round, I will use a little heavier fabric. Somewhere between flannel and cheese cloth lies the perfect material. This one was hard to keep together - it leans more towards cheesecloth. We'll see how they hold up. But I guess you get what you pay for when you shop the dollar bin at the fabric store!

I still need to learn how to use a pattern. But it's so nerve-racking! Plus, every time I start the instructions I get frustrated with the pattern lady telling me what to do. She doesn't know what I like! Besides, there are too many steps. I want shortcut patterns.
Or I need to just stop whining and do it.

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