Saturday, March 8, 2008

5 Years Today!

John Jay and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary today. 5 years of marriage, almost nine years together! We were high school sweethearts (awe.....). He gave me a chance and set me straight. It's been the best 5 years...I hope we have 75 more!
The Gifts: he got me a beautifully simple gold band (like his) from greenKarat. I got him a fleur de lis from an art gallery in the French Quarter, (since he reminds me literally everyday how much he misses New Orleans).

And now for a little John Jay and Corrie photo montage:

[1] When we "hooked up" at 16!!! Scary
[2] Prom or something
[3] Getting married in City Park, in New Orleans
[4] 2006, I think
[5] Judah!
[6] A few days ago

Okay, I'd better stop. John Jay's going to kill me.
Happy Anniversary Babe!!!

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