Thursday, January 24, 2008

I love lists so much I might marry them

At any given moment, it's safe to say that I have at least 6, probably 10, lists in circulation. To do, to make, to read, groceries, top 10 anything, John Jay's to do, to buy, recipes to try, a list of all my lists... it's ridiculous. But I can't stop. I don't want to stop. I love lists!!! Seeing as this is a blog of all things homemade, it's only appropriate to share my "to make" list. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but here it goes...

-more bibs (Judah drools A LOT)
-spray fabric paint on shirts in some form or fashion
-stuffed bird "garland" for Ju-Ju's room
-bloomers (my latest obsession)
-more toys - especially a stuffed tree
-sew ruffles on something (my other obsession)
-mix and match clothing parts to make new pieces
-a skirt from an actual pattern
-a scarf
-hem the sleeves on my robe
-laptop case for John Jay
-new bracelet, since Judah broke mine
-giant hair bow for Anne
-sling pack like Sayid's
-make some of Judah's onesies "cooler"
-learn Photoshop - okay, so this one doesn't really go in the "to make" category, but it's a goal and I have a better chance of doing it if I tell you people about it.

I'd better get cracking. I'll have another list going in my head when I wake up tomorrow morning.


Katie said...

Reasons I am smitten with Hurricane Corrie:

-She updates both blogs with much & awesome regularity.

-She has lists of her lists. WHAT? Why hadn't I thought of that?

-She's so Martha ... except she's warm, beautiful, and I suspect her innards are human where Martha's viscera is mostly microchips and robot parts. Not that I don't like robots. I love robots.

Unknown said...

Guilty but proud - another thing you got from your mom!

John Jay said...

I have one list, and it has one item on it..."check Corrie's list." It pays to marry a list-maker.

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