Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New stuff is in!
...more on the way.
*By request, some more moon and star/asymmetrical necklaces.
I'm making and posting as fast as I can, which feels like snail speed right now. John Jay is in the middle of finals and we've had a few domestic disputes over the computer. I mean come on! All he's doing is writing Exegesis papers and stuff about the Desert Fathers - you know, trivial things. :) So, yeah. I lose those battles.
Thanks again to everyone who's kept me in business!


John Jay said...

For the record, it has not been snail speed that you are getting stuff done. If I wrote like you crafted I would be one my 3rd book by now. I do not mind sharing the computer, as long as you are bringing home the bacon.

Corrie said...

clearly you didn't let me proof read this one...


and thanks.

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