Friday, August 19, 2011


This summer was crazy! We traveled (Gatlinburg, Dallas, Nashville, Asheville, New Orleans, and Ruston), we had birthdays and train-rides, we ate lots of good food, we got new teeth and curls (okay, just the baby did that), we loaded up and moved (from Durham, NC to Dallas, TX), we unpacked, we settled, we played, and now it's time to start "real life" again. It has been so fun and so hectic, but I am ready for those quotidian rhythms that bring predictability to my day and offer spaces to create. I feel like I've hardly touched a needle and thread, or paint and canvas all summer. There were a few quick projects here and there, but not enough. My craft space is now set up and the project list is long...stay tuned!
1. a collaboration piece the 4 year old and I made for my husband's birthday
2. the sky over Texas
3. baby time
4. the birthday boy
5. the boy and the dog in the moving truck
6. new curls in a new house
7. favorite new play spot - the dirt pile in the back yard
8. His and Hers handstands at The Peristyle, City Park, New Orleans, where we wed 8 years ago
9. St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

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Unknown said...

Welcome to Dallas! We live in Richardson out in the 'burbs. I'd love to see you sometime. It's been forever!

Jennifer Chandler

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