Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Home Tour - Part Three

The Master Bedroom & Bathroom:
Photo No. 1 - We finally got rid of the headboard/footboard that I had since high school. That thing was so old and rickety, I was afraid it would fold in on me one night mid-sleep! I love the clean look of nothing there. The airy curtains are courtesy of Ikea. The blue lamps were hand-me-down brass ones from my mom, that I spray-painted blue, then added a lamp shade from a lamp my uncle gave us. What a hodgepodge way to decorate, huh?! The little white dresser you can barely see on the right was my mom's when she was a little girl. The white side table on the left was one of our first purchases when we were married, from an antique store (can also be a trunk).
Photo No. 2 - Look at this dresser!! It belonged to my mother-in-law's great aunt. She remembers being a little girl and watching her sit there and get ready with all her perfumes and makeup on a little vanity tray. It came from their family home (also known as "The Hill") built in Mississippi, circa 1852.
The banjo and guitar are growing on me. Not exactly my first choice of decor, but baby girl loves it when my husband plays for her and requests a song every time she's in our room (which is adorable). So that makes up for the huge chunk of wall space they hog.
Photo No. 3 - This is my bathroom. Mine. All mine. Granted, it is only a half-bath. But who cares!? That 50's pink tile doesn't bother me a bit....kind of like it. It's is so nice to have a little space of my own to get ready and kick people out of. :)


Emily said...

Corrie, your new house is so cute and I love all the little special touches! I hope you guys are loving Dallas and your new church. I am in a wedding in Arlington december 17th so maybe we can finally all get together. I'll keep in touch!

Therese said...

I wandered across your blog today and must say you have a lovely house!

AnnestGwynedd said...

lovely bathroom! and house well done :)
Annest X

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