Sunday, September 14, 2008

As Promised: Pics of the New Place

For the very very few of you who are interested...

We love our new little place! It's a great deal smaller that our last home, but that's a plus for us. We love tiny, cozy spaces - and it's less for me to clean! We have great neighbors, and can walk pretty much anywhere. Unfortunately, we are only under a 9-12 month sublease and will be doing this all over again in the Spring/Summer. Ugh!
But until then...

1 - Bedroom
2 - Bedroom again; my mom's dresser from when she was little!
3 - Our bathroom; look at all my counter space! No more setting the hair dryer in the sink.
4 - Judah's room
5 - Judah's room again; he gets his own couch!
6 - The living room
7 - My favorite little nook in the kitchen


Unknown said...

I absolutely love your bedroom curtains!


Unknown said...

You made it so homey and great! I miss you like crazy. You guys make white walls look great.

On another note, Judah has a recliner and couch in his room??! HOLY COW! Ryan may move in with him.

Our Journey said...

I ran across your blog from someone else's a WHILE ago and I have always been a lurker!! I was hoping you could take 5 min and jump on over my blog and just check it out!

Anonymous said...

your new home is beautiful! love the rug in your boy's room. good job.

Shaun and Melinda McIntire said...

I miss you. I love your pad. It is so bright! Once again, you have made a home! I KNOW God will provide on the next move.
Hug those boys.

Alice said...

i'm notorious for checking your blog. hope that isn't scary. got it from anne's list. my husband and i just moved from ruston to wilmore, ky so he could go to grad school. you are inspiring. hope all is well.

larsita said...

Since all the other lurkers are confessing, I will too...

I also found your blog via following links at some point & I love it. You crack me up! (I also went to Tech & we have some of the same friends. I grew up with Jennifer & Johnathan Baines.)

Your house looks great! If only I could get my bedroom looking decent. Maybe I feel a little inspired now. :)

Anonymous said...

hi! i just ran across your blog as well. i found the link through anne's blog.
i love your stories and your recipes. not to mention that too cute little boy you have!

anyway, the reason i decided to comment is, i was wondering what kind of camera you use. i really like your pictures!

Corrie said...

wow! thanks for all the support and encouragement. i'm so surprised (and confused) that anyone other than my mom and anne would even be, thanks.

i use a canon g7 point and shoot - according to my husband. i know nothing about cameras. but he told me to start taking pics w/o the flash, and introduced me to the micro lens setting. so, i suppose i have him to thank.
anne, i'm sure you are laughing and rolling your eyes right now...stop. :)

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