Friday, February 29, 2008

Marshmarrow Sling Pack

My friend Colin brought this bag back from Japan for me a few years ago. It was a good pool bag but I wanted it to have longer straps. It was also wearing thin. So I went to pick out something to line it with and as the fabric lady was cutting my first choice, I looked up and saw the ticking stripe across the store - which I love. Everything in my house might be ticking stripe before it's all said and done with. I had to have it. Oh well, I'll use first choice fabric for some pj's or something. After I lined it and made the strap, I made these little yo-yo rosebud thingies to add to it. (Does anyone know what they are actually called? I"ve heard both...) There's a rosebud with lace leaves on the strap too, which you can't see too clearly in the picture because of my poor photography skills.
Jenn: I'll make you a vest one day so all your dreams can come true.

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