Sunday, February 10, 2008

14 Subversive Valentines Ideas

This February 14th, instead of wasting money on overpriced cards, candy no one needs, and flowers that will die, try one of these things to do for (or with) your honey:

1. Make a cutie valentine like this one.
2. Buy him/her a plant.
3. Find a vintage locket and put your picture in it.
4. Get an autographed picture of their favorite celebrity (John Jay got me Julie Andrew's a few years ago!)
5. Adopt-a-couple and treat them to Valentines dinner (in no way am I advocating swinging).
6. Go write your names in some wet concrete (in no way am I advocation vandalism).
7. Rearrange the letters on your local church's sign to say something to your sweetheart.
8. Make friendship bracelets for each other (props to Derek and Denise).
9. Dress up in your favorite decade attire and have your picture made at your wal-mart photo center.
10. Mix it up and go camping together...even if it's just in the back yard (don't forget the sushi! - see previous post)
11. If you must buy, buy something from (product) red.
12. Bake him/her a cake. Everybody loves cake, right?
13. Nothing says "love" like a tattoo. Especially if you are over 40.
14. Make your own subversive list together.

Happy Day!

1 comment:

Shaun and Melinda McIntire said...

Wow thanks for all the wonderful ideas for Valentines Day. I love the blog. I love you.
Enjoyed lunch.

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