Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kid Craft - Necklaces

As with almost every craft I make, this one certainly has "easy" in the description. It's not new or clever, and doesn't require any skill from the adult (except patience), but it's one of our favorites. We have quite a collection!
All you need is string (cord, hemp, yarn, ribbon...anything you have on hand) and some fun beads. Ruthie is my, um, spirited child. So I used the ol' highchair to keep her in one spot and contain some of the chaos, or else I would be finding beads around the house from now until the end of time.
She wears hers everywhere - her "gussets"she calls them - and rakes in the compliments. :)
(the boy loves them too. we save the black white and navy beads for him)

Go make some! (they would make sweet Christmas and teacher gifts!)

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