Saturday, May 21, 2011

High Chair Seat Cover DIY

Ruthie was like a floppy fish sliding around in her seat when we first put her in her hair chair, so a cushion seemed in order. The one that came with the chair is long gone - Judah smeared peas on it one too many times. I used a brown paper grocery bag and made a quick pattern, and found this image to use as a guide.

It's sewn pretty much the same as a quilt.
- cut out your pattern
- cut out your layers (front, back and batting)
- sandwich them all together and pin
- sew together!

Useful tips I learned:
- the iron does in fact melt carpet, so don't be lazy and get the ironing board out next time.
- when sewing a pattern of any sort on the fabric, be it ever so simple, draw it out with chalk instead of winging it...those lines can play tricks on you!
- anything can be a fabric weight (ie: fancy candlesticks)

I was a little bummed because I realized that I measured wrong for the bias tape - twice. After a run to the store and still getting the wrong amount I decided to just use extra white leftover from Judah's quilt, and then use the orange just for the ties. I would prefer it being all orange, but Ru might just grant that wish since she can be very, um, active with her carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes.
PS - does that fabric look familiar?

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