Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hot Dogs & Boiled Eggs...

Since I'm little more than an incubator right now, my life has revolved around eating, sleeping, and eating some more. I promise you, food takes up about 85-90% of my thoughts these days! There's no escape even during my sleep...I dream about food, making food, searching for food, etc.
All that to say, this blog and my shop have been struggling to hang on these last few weeks. Sorry about that. I am a few weeks away from rounding that first trimester corner, and hoping that the surge of energy I keep hearing about will follow. You'd think I would remember it from my last pregnancy, but my vision is too blurry right now, clouded with images of sauerkraut hot dogs and boiled eggs (yep, those are my cravings).
And all of that to say, I'm still here, and I have a whole collection of new items just waiting to be listed. So stay tuned!
(Image courtesy of The Charleston Gazette)


Amanda K. said...

Somehow I missed this news... Congratulations! :)

red ticking said...

congratulations! you would have loved the hotdog i had at pinks in LA last week... a big chili dog!!! it was simply delicious... xx

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Apol said...

Congratulations on the coming baby! I remember I had a great craving for apples and bananas when I was pregnant last year... hotdogs are really much better :)

globalroyalties said...

Wow, i am hungry by looking at the delicious food you post..

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