Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello, my name is Mrs. Listy Listerson

It's been a while since I've posted one of my "To Make" lists. These are all the things that keep me up at night - brainstorming, imagining, dreaming, sleep-designing - whatever you want to call it. Just thought I'd share what's on my radar.

✓ Custom Sundry Wraps - and one for meeee!
✓ Bloomers - possibly for daytime wear...we'll see.
✓ The perfect muffin (I'm thinking cranberries, oats, walnuts and a lemon glaze)
✓ Garlands, garlands, and more garlands - the themes are endless
✓ Judah's "favorite things" garland
✓ A "fabricated" necklace...that's all I'll say for now
✓ Springy fresh earrings - think leaves and flowers and breezy chain drops, not soap
✓ More vintage key necklaces
✓ A patch for John Jay's jacket - poor guy, he's been asking for months now
✓ Business cards - long overdue

Here's the first design. I'm sure it'll change next go 'round. But for now, the flitting little hummingbird is sweet and just right. It was a joint effort (still in progress). I draw, John Jay scans, we both fidget with it, then John Jay prints them. So.....we're just waiting on John Jay to remove his nose from the books long enough to help me overcome my computer/electronic inadequacies.

No judging! Printing's hard.

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