Monday, March 17, 2008


I realized in the middle of my most recent project that I seem to make everything in multiples of about a dozen or more. Bibs, birds, and now headbands. Why is that? I have some theories, but I don't really know for sure.
Any whom.
Like I said: headbands. Dozens of headbands. I gave a few away before I could photograph them. And I lost the Starbucks one! I made it for John Jay's "sister" at work, and it vanished. I'm sure it'll turn up. That's what people say when they can't find something but have to give up the search before they go insane. I'm at that point.
My favorite one is the upside-down Hawaii one. I used one of John Jay's old t-shirts for it. It's pretty rad. The one with four straps I made by sewing four zig-zag stitches in a row and then cutting them apart, except for at the base.
I didn't use elastic (in the scrunched part) so they wouldn't give me a headache. I prefer my headbands to basically hover around my head.
I'm sure I'll make more. But for now, I think I'll try a few dozen dresses. Stay tuned.

*Dad: do you recognize my t-shirt in this picture? I stole it at Christmas!


Mom said...

Just b/c you showed me how to make these doesn't mean you can't send me one! =)

Dickeybirds said...

To Mom: Be careful... it seems she might send you one made of a stolen t-shirt. :) These are great!

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